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i2Global...We illuminate to innovate

i2global academy, born to serve as the interface between esteemed mentors & students aspiring to clear JEE & NEET. Though being a gargantuan land of knowledge, India is home to several outstanding educators; it is difficult for every learner to reach them. The only way to connect them with such students with a hunger to crack NEET/JEE is through an online platform.

Here, we believe that if we provide the light to the children, they find and innovate their path to success. We establish a solid foundation to make it easier for children to fulfill their aspirations and reach their goals. The i2Global team makes and upholds the promise of genuine commitment towards your child through an ethical and responsible approach.

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Our Mission with a prospect

To provide an economical and profitable chance for every child at NEET/JEE exams without endangering the quality of coaching. Our maxim is Course, Test, Mentor, Repeat

  • Bring remarkable teachers to our students.
  • Use technology copiously to discern a student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Book Library & StoreUse insights from child psychologists, mental conditioning coaches, and test results to help children cope with the pressures of competition and surpass the final tests.s

To stimulate and develop confidence in our children to enhance their skills and recognize their potential. We provide a stable, positive, and stress-free environment to inculcate an optimistic and buoyant approach in your child to par with the difficulty level of the exam they prepare for. Let's throw off the iron clogs of the fear of pandemic that refrains your child from moving forward with their studies. Jump on the ship with us and let your child flourish.

Our Vision with the outlook

With a top-notch quality in our specific-designed tools and a well-constructed plan-of-action, i2Global proffers your child with meticulous educators and a comprehensive study package. We present your child an opportunity to approve and maximize the academic abilities, not only for the competitive exams but also for the school & board exams from Grade 6-12.
At i2Global, together we zoom in on delivering quality coaching with tests and follow up mentoring/counseling sessions to support & benefit every student enrolling in our academy to inspire confidence to face the competition and excel.

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