JEE-NEET from i2Global

Today’s world is full of hardships and competition and the biggest challenge for parents is to guide their children in the path to success. Strength to adopt to the changing scenarios while giving them a safety blanket is what every parent strives to provide the children.

A good education from a top college solves most of the worries for a parent. i2Global Academy brings you a remarkable educational online platform to dispose of your worries and aid your child to overcome such hurdles and make the dream come true. We are here to provide your child with the tools designed to detect & rectify their weakness as well as hone their skills right from the comfort of your home.

Services offered

We offer extensive online education for National Entrance Exams like NEET and IIT-JEE. They are highly competitive exams, but essential for admission in the top Medical and Engineering colleges, respectively.

Takeaways that set i2Global apart

  • A batch of a maximum of 30 students to provide explicit attention to each individual.
  • One on one interaction to maximize their result frequency.
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence-based testing mechanism for testing solutions that help to analyze the accuracy and the speed of the child.

Prominent attributes of i2Global Academy

  • Coverage of school syllabus with high-level problems in Science & Mathematics.
  • Structured plan to assimilate the knowledge and master the subjects to elevate the chances of qualifying the board as well as competitive exams.
  • Weekly Test Series on the school curriculum as well as the foundational chapters.
  • Weekend sessions to resolve any doubts.
  • Linear and Circular Tutoring Methodologies
  • Exclusive and exhaustive study material, including the worksheets for the classes.
  • Specialized training is given to develop the necessary skills and proficiency for the significant exams.
  • Extended time-span to finish their assignments stress-free and with proper assistance from the educator.